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Welcome to Mo’s Crib

Mo’s Crib is a South African based eccentric home décor design unit which specializes in manufacturing sustainable handmade décor items. At Mo’s we are passionate about the sustainability of the environment and that is where we draw our inspiration. We produce high-end quality homeware and decorative pieces which is practical and timeless and is inspired by nature, cultural diversity and ethnicity that is cultivated around the globe.

Recycled PVC waterpipe range

Upcycled, recycled and re-purposed is the name of our product design. Our baskets and planters are made from old PVC water pipes, each individually handpicked and collected from landfills and construction sites. With such a solid and unique material, our baskets and planters range feature a remarkable, stylish, resistant and durable design which is perfectly suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This quality basket and planter transforms a space, with its peculiar texture and warm colours, it brings an element of art and neutrality. The baskets and planters are water-resistant, none-rustic and have a versatile storage functionality making it a multipurpose product.

Upcycled paper range

Our origami Swan Sculptures are derived from a Japanese artform that has been infused with African-colours and are distinct, creative and practical. These Swan sculptures are handmade from paper which is transformed to provide a finished product that is durable, multi-functional and suitable for any age and provides creative storage ideas. The swan sculptures brighten up a workstation and add an element of colour to any space.


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